The Arcati Mainframe User Survey 2017

The 2017 edition of the Arcati Mainframe Yearbook is due for publication in January 2017. The Yearbook provides a unique reference for IT professionals working in the IBM z/OS environment, with a directory of vendors and relevant media, a glossary of terminology, and other useful information. Each year the Yearbook is downloaded by around 21,000 visitors.

One of the Yearbook's main sections is a survey of mainframe sites worldwide. We are asking users to give us some details about their installation and technical challenges, as well as their plans for the mainframe within the broader IT infrastructure.

Please let us have your responses before Wednesday 30 November 2016. All respondents will receive a PDF copy of the survey results on publication. Your identity and company information will be treated in confidence and will not be divulged to third parties. Please complete as many sections as you can. To be included in the survey, you must provide your name and e-mail address and the name of your organization.

Thank you
Trevor Eddolls, Editor





Name of organization:



Which sector is your business in?
Number of employees worldwide:



Your name:
Your job title:
Your e-mail:







Please indicate you total mainframe MIPS:

Which types of mainframe processor do you have installed (or on order)?

IBM z13s
IBM z13
IBM zEnterprise BC12
IBM zEnterprise EC12
IBM zEnterprise 114
IBM zEnterprise 196
IBM z10 BC
IBM z10 EC
IBM z9 BC (2096)
IBM z9/z9 EC (2094)
IBM z9 BC (2094)
IBM z990 (2084)
IBM z890 (2086)
IBM z900 (2064)
IBM z800 (2066)
Other (IBM)
Other (Non-IBM)
Don't know



Do you have any mainframe applications running on Intel-based machines such as z Personal Development Tool Adapter or the Secure Enterprise Desktop?



Are you interested in IBM's LinuxONE Linux mainframe? When are you likely to get one?



What is your primary mainframe OS release?



How fast is your mainframe CAPACITY growing?




How fast is your System z-related IT EXPENDITURE growing, on the technology itself and on the people required to manage the technology?





What proportion of your TOTAL IT BUDGET is spent on mainframe-related costs and how much on other platforms?




What proportion of enterprise DATA resides on the mainframe?




Are your mainframe data center systems managed in-house or outsourced?




Are you using IBM PureSystems (Expert Integrated Systems)?




Do you use business analytics (IBM's Smarter Analytics)?




Is social media (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc) useful for your work on the mainframe?




Do you use smartphone or tablet (iPad) apps to monitor or control the mainframe?




Do you have any plans to introduce IPv6 in 2017?




Do you have any plans to use Hadoop/Big Data?




Do you have any plans to use DevOps?




Do you have any plans to reuse APIs to speed up application development?




Do you have any plans to use Liberty Server?








Does your organization view the mainframe as a strategic platform for new applications or as a legacy system?




What, in your opinion, are the main benefits for your organization of the mainframe over other platforms?



No benefits
Don't know



What are the main obstacles to mainframe acceptance within the enterprise?



Too expensive (or appears to be)
Too complex (or appears to be)
Concerns about future availability/support of mainframe apps
Difficulty in retaining necessary skills
Cultural barrier between mainframe and other IT professionals
No obstacles to mainframe acceptance
Don't know



What do you expect to happen to your legacy applications on System z over the next three years?




Do you run Java-based applications on the System z?




Do you run Linux on the System z?




Do you have a data archiving strategy in place that is compliant with the latest regulations?




Do your mainframe applications participate in your Web services/SOA?




Which System z middleware have you enabled, or do you plan to enable, with Web services?


WebSphere App Server
Don't know



Do you currently use your mainframe for Cloud computing?




Are you planning to adopt Cloud computing as a strategy?




Do you currently use Oracle under Linux on System z?




Do you think that IBM's 'specialty engines' such as IFL (Linux), zAAP (Java) and zIIP (DB2) make the mainframe more attractive in terms of reducing costs and cost-justifying new applications?




Which specialty processors do you currently use?


Do not use specialty processors
Don't know







How much of your mainframe software budget is spent on IBM/Tivoli software, and how much on products from independent software vendors?




Does your organization periodically consider replacing mainframe software packages and tools/utilities with competitive offerings? If so, what are the MOST important reasons for replacement?



To reduce costs
To reduce the number of vendors supported
To gain new function
To obtain better service/support from vendor
Rarely (if ever) replace mainframe software
Don't know






Which of the following server operating systems are used by your business? Please indicate approximately how fast capacity is growing on each platform.








Relative to the mainframe, how fast are your ACQUISITION/MAINTENANCE COSTS increasing for an equivalent amount of capacity?








Relative to the mainframe, how fast are your USER SUPPORT COSTS on distributed platforms increasing for an equivalent size of user population?








How important is making mainframe data available to other platforms at your site?




How important is the idea of people using their own devices (BYOD) to access mainframes?




Thank you for your help. We will e-mail you a copy of the survey results in due course.



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