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The editorial director and chief analyst of the MMIS is Barry Graham, an internationally recognized authority on the mainframe marketplace from both a financial and technical standpoint. Before becoming independent, Barry worked for many years in senior management positions with IBM and Hitachi Data Systems. At IBM he was UK Large Systems Marketing Manager for MVS Systems and 30xx hardware. He left IBM to become Director of Strategic Account Marketing for HDS Europe. He has also held senior management positions in the software and leasing sectors.

For over twenty years, the Mainframe Market Information Service has remained the only truly independent, dedicated source of information on IBM mainframe pricing and financial contract negotiation.

The Mainframe Market Information Service brings subscribers the very latest market intelligence on System z hardware and software pricing and the underlying financial considerations that affect pricing strategy.

The Mainframe Market Information Service includes:

 Four quarterly issues of the Mainframe Market Monitor, our more detailed publication which contains model-by-model target pricing and full market analysis

 Email/phone consultations and contract reviews to support subscribers who are involved in mainframe acquisition and upgrade negotiations.

This service costs $2200 or 1500 per year, plus VAT where applicable.

For more information or to become a subscriber, contact Arcati on +44 7717 858284 or Online subscription can also be completed via the links below.

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